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The Causes of Homosexuality


Is homosexuality biological?

The answer to the causes of homosexuality remains controversial and unknown in many parts. So far, we could only say that the studies which were discussed previously have found “correlations” rather than the direct “causes”. These findings including LeVay’s findings remain speculative, because after all, LeVay points out himself that his finding contains no direct evidence that the difference he has observed actually causes homosexuality. Nonetheless, combining this finding with LeVay’s finding about INAH-3, it then raises questions such as “Does INAH-3 have sex-hormone receptors, indicating that it could be influenced by those hormones?” for future research. In my opinion, no matter how such a question is answered, it may be difficult to ever to establish that INAH-3 or any other brain structure actually causes homosexuality, or to rule out the possibility that childhood or adolescent experience may have altered the size of INAH-3 in homosexuals.



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